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Custom & CNC Fabrication

Loxcreen provides custom aluminum fabrication services for a variety of industries including lighting, transportation and OEMs. Our specialized fabrication unit in West Columbia, SC utilizes the highly automated Elumatec Machining Center for precision routing, drilling, milling and tapping.  The 3 axis machining head processes profiles from three sides.  All operations are carried out with the profile stationary to avoid scratches and damage to profile surface.  Maximum length is 21 feet.

We provide line-ready fabricated profiles or completely assembled units per customer specifications. Our goal is to create strategic partnerships with customers to make sourcing a one-stop process.

Our highly trained customer service and technical support staff are always ready to assist you.

  • Fabrication 1
  • Fabrication 2
  • Fabrication 3

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Rick Wheeler, Vice President
The Loxcreen Company, Inc.
PO Box 4004
West Columbia, SC 29171

Phone: 803-822-8200
Fax: 803-822-8547
E-mail: 12rw@loxcreen.com

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Corporate Office - PO Box 4004 - West Columbia, South Carolina 29171 - (803) 822-8200 ph - (803) 822-8547 fx