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Hayti Manufacturing Plant Participate in Manufacturing Day

M-D Building Products Sees Day as Opportunity to Thank the Community and Employees 

HAYTI, MO, October 3, 2013 -   This Friday, October 4, Hayti’s largest private employer, the M-D Building Products manufacturing plant, will participate in Manufacturing Day activities to showcase modern manufacturing and build interest in manufacturing careers.. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon proclaimed October 4th as Manufacturing Day in Missouri, a day also shared by National Manufacturing Day.

Earlier today, the Governor released a statement, confirming the important role manufacturing plays in powering the economy. “As a cornerstone of Missouri’s economy, manufacturing has been top priority of my administration from Day One,” said Gov. Jay Nixon.  “Manufacturing helped build our economy and advanced manufacturing was one of the sectors identified by our Strategic Initiative as having the greatest potential to create jobs and drive Missouri’s economy forward.  Today, with significant investments by global brands and small firms alike, Missouri’s manufacturing industry is firing on all cylinders.   We are pleased to join M-D Building Products and manufacturers across the state in highlighting the importance of this industry, and its outstanding workforce, on National Manufacturing Day.”

“We are pleased to participate in Manufacturing Day by opening our Hayti plant to the community,” said Loren Plotkin, President and CEO of M-D Building Products.   “Our Hayti facility is becoming a key part of our widening manufacturing capabilities following our acquisition of The Loxcreen Company in January of this year.   As part of our long term growth strategy to take advantage of increasing demand for our line of commercial and residential building, weatherproofing and decorative products, we launched a program earlier this year to modernize and enhance the manufacturing equipment and systems at our Hayti plant.  We anticipate further capital investments in the future that are designed to expand production capacity and seize new opportunities as a high quality, specialty extrusion manufacturer for contract customers.

National Manufacturing Day is an annual event promoted by four national associations, including the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), to publically promote a greater understanding and appreciation for the growing manufacturing industry in America.

“One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers is the overall public perception that jobs in manufacturing are undesirable,” Plotkin said.  “While we enjoy a fine workforce at our Hayti plant, the future of manufacturing rests with making sure the next generation understands that today’s manufacturing environment includes highly trained and good paying opportunities.  The change in perception is key in closing the skills gap and to start filling the over 600,000 manufacturing jobs currently available in America.”

M-D Building Products employees 180 people at its 200,000 square foot plant in Hayti, which opened in 1972.   At the Hayti plant, M-D Building Products manufactures custom painted and anodized aluminum extrusions and floor trims.  Also on site are distribution centers for the Loxcreen Flooring Group and Metalsource. 

About M-D Building Products

M-D Building Products designs, manufactures and markets a range of residential and commercial weatherproofing products, including door and window weather-stripping, as well as custom aluminum extrusions for contract customers and a complete line of interior and exterior caulk marketed under both the Tower Sealants and DuPont ™ brands. The company also produces aluminum and wood flooring transitions as well as installation tools.   The acquisition of The Loxcreen Company earlier this year further expanded the company’s aluminum manufacturing capabilities of products including screen doors, floor mouldings and custom cut metal sheets as well as specialty plastics extrusions.


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M-D Building Products Acquires Loxcreen Company

Acquisition Adds Manufacturing Capabilities and Diversifies Product Portfolio for Commercial and Residential Applications

OKLAHOMA CITY/COLUMBIA, S.C. – Oklahoma City-based M-D Building Products, Inc. has acquired the assets of West Columbia, South Carolina based Loxcreen Company, Inc., a privately held precision manufacturing company founded in 1946 on patents for fabricating window screens. The acquisition includes Loxcreen’s Canadian flooring group operated under the Bengard Manufacturing name in Mississauga, Ontario. The two companies did not disclose terms of the sale for competitive purposes.

The two privately held companies, with approximately 800 employees at 9 manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada, specialize in customized aluminum and plastic extrusion manufacturing in connection with producing and marketing a variety of window, flooring, door and tool products and accessories used in commercial and residential construction and renovation.

"The Loxcreen acquisition and its related manufacturing, engineering and products presents a unique opportunity for us to bring two complementary and compatible businesses with strong market presence together to drive long-term growth," said Loren Plotkin, chairman and president of M-D Building Products. "For many years, we have admired Loxcreen as a quality competitor with a strong line of well-engineered and manufactured building products. We know them well and realized early in the due diligence process that the combined companies would be synergistically stronger with greater opportunities given our ability to increase our vertical manufacturing capabilities and expand product lines to meet our customer’s evolving needs."

Loxcreen’s chief executive officer Wayne Parrish, said, "While our emotions are mixed with selling the business after a successful 65 years of operation, we recognize the acquisition by M-D Building Products offers expanded opportunities long-term for our employees and customers."

Parrish said other companies have approached him through the years about buying Loxcreen. He elected to pursue the opportunity with M-D Building Products because both companies shared similar histories, products and core values. "M-D Building Products has a rich history of engineering and manufacturing expertise and producing market-leading products, particularly in the weatherization category. The company is a superbly run operation, and they always have been a tough, but fair, competitor. In M-D Building Products, we have found a fine home for our business where it will live on and flourish for decades to come."

In addition to operations in Canada, Loxcreen also operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in Georgia, Oregon, Texas, Ohio, Missouri and South Carolina. M-D Building Products operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in Oklahoma and Georgia.

"We respect Loxcreen’s management team and its established product lines," Plotkin said. "The integration of the two companies represents an ideal strategic fit and will allow us to draw upon the talent of both companies in management, manufacturing, product development, marketing, sales and customer service to pursue opportunities from a greatly expanded product line."

Plotkin announced Joe Comitale, president of Loxcreen Canada and COO of the Loxcreen Company, will continue in his role as president of Loxcreen Canada and will join M-D Building Products as executive vice president.

"For the past 12 years, it has been a personal pleasure to work with Wayne Parrish and Curt Rone to grow the flooring operations and participate in the management of the entire organization," said Comitale. "I am pleased with our accomplishments to date and look forward with excitement to the future as part of M-D Building Products, a pioneering company in our industry for more than 90 years."

The combined sales of both companies will exceed $200 million annually.

About The Loxcreen Company

Loxcreen is a leader in the production of aluminum extrusions, plastic extrusions and building products. Four unique operating groups are the core strengths of the company and provide high quality, customized products, efficient service, technical support and value-added services.

The company’s range of specialty products includes aluminum storm doors, screen doors and commercial window screens as well as foam weatherstrip and components for the door and window market.

The acquisition of Bengard Manufacturing in Toronto, Canada in 2000, and the addition of the Kinkead product line in 2004, allowed Loxcreen to position itself as the leading supplier of residential and commercial transitional floor mouldings and related products in North America with plants located in Canada and Missouri.

About M-D Building Products

M-D Building Products designs, manufactures and markets a range of residential and commercial weatherproofing products, including door and window weather-stripping, garage door weather-stripping, pipe insulation and a complete line of interior and exterior caulk marketed under both the Tower Sealants and DuPont ™ brands. The company also produces aluminum and wood flooring transitions as well as installation tools.

The company is headquartered in Oklahoma City where its primary manufacturing and distribution facilities are located. M-D Building Products also operates a manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Ga. The company sells its products through numerous retailers and channels to consumers, contractors, wholesalers and community agencies across the nation.

In 2007, the current management team bought out the founding Macklanburg family after three generations. Led by majority shareholder Loren Plotkin, the management team has continued to grow and expand the company’s product lines and upgraded manufacturing and distribution capabilities and facilities.

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10/10/2011 – The Loxcreen Company, Inc. – Hayti, MO




Loxcreen has moved to an acid etch anodizing process.  The major benefits of acid etch versus caustic etch is improved finish, better color consistency from batch to batch, and reduction of waste by-product (sludge) into landfills. 


Benefits of Acid Etch:


  • Reduces or eliminates die lines and surface defects.


  • Provided a superior matte finish.


  • Better color consistency.


  • Reduced etch time in tank.


  • Reduced amount of metal lost in anodizing process.


  • Meets AAMA 611 specification.


  • Environmentally friendly – reduces sludge up to 90%.

For additional information, you may inquire at info@loxcreen.com

Corporate Office - PO Box 4004 - West Columbia, South Carolina 29171 - (803) 822-8200 ph - (803) 822-8547 fx